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Journal Entry: Sun Jun 24, 2012, 2:25 AM

C O M M I S I O N  S T A T U S



Please read all of this information before placing an order, I take no responsibility for those who don't. Every bit of this information is VERY IMPORTANT.

I try to accept all commissions. But before taking a commission, I will always ask myself these questions...

- Will this take a long time?
- Am I going to keep putting this off?
- Am I going to enjoy this commission?
- Is this client reliable?
- Do I have time for this?


1. I DO NOT NORMALLY PROVIDE SKETCHES OR WIPs FOR YOU TO APPROVE OF UNLESS REQUESTED. Because it takes up a lot of extra time I'll only provide WIPs if requested.

*With the exception of long term projects or commissions over $70.

2. I may post your commission on my other sites such as Fur Affinity, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook ect. and I may draw your commission on Livestream or Feel free to watch/look however I will not ask for your permission.

3. I do draw furries, anthros, ponies, kemonomimis, chibis, 18+ content and monsters.
I draw semi-realism and anime. *I will attempt mecha, armour and men.

4. After receiving my finished commission, if you would like to post it anywhere outside of DeviantART please ask before hand. I want to know where my art ends up. If you are posting my art inside of DeviantART link back to me.
I. Please write 'I'm nice and take the time to read' in the order form if you wish to commission me.

5. Editing:
I. You CAN make minor edits like cropping the image AS LONG AS MY SIGNATURE AND OR LINK IS STILL VISIBLE.
II. You CAN print out the drawing for personal use.
III. You CANNOT re-sell my image whether it be the original, prints or online.
IX. Do not use my drawing in a campaign or in a way that you can make profit from it UNLESS we have discussed this and you have paid EXTRA for the rights.
V. A4 glossy prints cost $5 extra (shipping costs non-inclusive).

6. All commissions are paid upfront via PayPal.


The easiest way to contact me would be by sending me a note on DeviantART or e-mail me at

Don't forget to provide references, this is how I will decide whether or not I would like to take the commission. Keep in mind, I do not speak any language other than English. So if you speak Japanese, Spanish, French, l33t, any other language other than English please use a translator before contacting me.


I. PayPal (when ordering I will send you a note with my PayPal e-mail)
II. dA points $1 = 100 points


If you do not like the art piece through the sketching phase and would like to drop the commission a 50% refund can be given at request.
^ This is available only to those who have asked to see sketches or WIPs. If you have not asked for them, please read below.

If at the end of the commission you do not like the outcome, for a 70% discount I am able to redraw your commission. I do not give full refunds as commissions can take anywhere from 5 hours - 16 hours to work on and it wouldn't be fair.


Tattoo commission costs are separate and you must PM me for a quote. These costs can run anywhere from $10 for a small one to $100+ for extremely detailed art or sleeves.


I will run two sketches through you, both sketches are included in the full commission cost. The first sketch is a concept sketch, you tell me what you have in mind and I'll do a sketch of it, if you like the concept I will do a second clean sketch, if you like how it is laid out then I will draw the full piece. In the sketching stages you have full control, if you want something changed that's the time to say so.

*If you do not like the art piece through the sketching phase and would like to drop the commission a 50% refund can be given at request. If at the end of the commission you do not like the outcome, for a 70% discount I am able to redraw your commission. I do not give full refunds as commissions can take anywhere from 5 hours - 16 hours to work on and it wouldn't be fair. I can replicate multiple styles and have a portfolio you can flick through. (As always I do not allow clients to commission me without them viewing my portfolio first.)


Generally, Hentai and 18+ commissions start at below-the-belt-nudity. As Hentai cannot be posted to DeviantART. In which case you'll only be provided the full resolution image, and the commission will be posted elsewhere. If you wish for a private commission (no one else can see it but you) then you must pay an extra $10. I will draw most content except for scat. And under NO circumstances will I draw a minor or 'loli' doing sexual acts. It is illegal and against deviantART's policies.


Double the cost of what you'd like. (Example, a 2/3 figure coloured sketch is $15, for a couple, double it, it'll cost $30)

Reference Sheet
Note me for a price quote.

Pixel Art

$5 or 500 points for static
$8 or 800 points for animated

Bombisbomb icon by Rhuni Panda by Rhuni

Group icon $8 or 800 points

  Fairy Tale Artbook by Rhuni


Traditional Portrait
(Not including shipping and print costs)

Sketch $15
Detailed $30

Half body sketch $20
Half body detailed $50

Khaleesi Daenerys Targaryen by Rhuni  Tryndamere by Rhuni


Line art & Sketches
Full body sketch $7
Full body line art $15

Coloured Sketch
Half Figure $15
Full Figure $20

Mila by Rhuni  A-neverending by Rhuni  Toothiana by Rhuni

Flat Colour
Bust $10
Half Figure $20
Full Figure $32

Sailor Messier 55 by Rhuni  Miss-It Girl by Rhuni  Succubus Suck Me Dry by Rhuni  Daisy And Tea by Rhuni  

Bust $15
Half Figure $30
Full Figure $40

EVM Productions by Rhuni  Sleeping Beauty by Rhuni  Ebony Widow - Monster High OC by Rhuni  Kyncha by Rhuni  BaabyPink by Rhuni    

Mature Content

Flesh Odium by Rhuni
Ariel - Dia De Los Muertos by Rhuni

1st style (left) $15
2nd style (far right) $8

Elara Redd by Rhuni  Adopts { CLOSED } by Rhuni  Flower Deer :: CLOSED by Rhuni

Anthro + $5
Hentai + $10
Background + $5 - $30

Step One

After filling out the order form below, either send it to me through a note on deviantART or e-mail me at

» Commission Style: Please provide references of either my art or someone else's for me to attempt to interpret.
» Colouring Style: (Sketch, line art, coloured sketch, flat, shaded, chibi or soft.)
» Background: ( Yes or No. If you select no I will by default supply a simple background. Keep in mind complex backgrounds may cost an extra $5 - $30. )
» References: ( Preferably image based, if I must go by text references, I may charge extra. )
» Comments: ( Pose, personality, what you want in your picture etc. )
» Your E-mail for PayPal:
» Codeword: (Can be found in the Terms of Service above)

 When commissioning please choose a style from one of the categories on the deviation below OR send references of someone else's style if you had a different style in mind.
If you want an anthro commission please state that it is an anthro commission in the comments section of your commission form.

Step Two

✔  If you've received a note or e-mail back saying I'm interested and I have written my PayPal address on it then go ahead! Send the money~
When I receive the money through PayPal I will send you a note or e-mail telling you I have received it.

You can keep an eye on the progress of your commission here.


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