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Submitted on
June 24, 2012


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Terms of Service

Sun Jun 24, 2012, 2:25 AM

C O M M I S I O N  S T A T U S

- -


Please read all of this information before placing an order, I take no responsibility for those who don't. Every bit of this information is VERY IMPORTANT.

I try to accept all commissions. But before taking a commission, I will always ask myself these questions...
- Will this take a long time?
- Am I going to keep putting this off?
- Am I going to enjoy this commission?
- Is this client reliable?
- Do I have time for this?
Okay, so please be aware I do try my hardest to fit commissions in but I can't take every commission.


1. I am in no way obligated to accept your commission offer. It wouldn't be fair on you if I did a slack half ass job or just rushed it. And it wouldn't be fair on me, because I don't want to commit to a commission that I won't enjoy.

2. I DO NOT NORMALLY PROVIDE SKETCHES OR WIPs FOR YOU TO APPROVE OF UNLESS REQUESTED. Because it takes up a lot of extra time for one to nit-pick every single thing about it, I'll only provide WIPs if requested. With the exception of long term projects.

3. I may post your commission on my other sites such as Fur Affinity, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook ect. and I may draw your commission on Livestream or Feel free to watch/look however I will not ask for your permission.

I. I do draw furries, anthros, ponies, kemonomimis, chibis, ecchi, hentai, futa/shota and monsters. I draw semi-realism and anime. I will attempt mecha, armour and men.
II. Please write 'I'm nice and take the time to read' in the order form if you wish to commission me.

5. After receiving my finished commission, if you would like to post it anywhere outside of DeviantART please ask before hand. I want to know where my art ends up. If you are posting my art inside of DeviantART link back to me.

I. You CAN make minor edits like cropping the image.
II. You CAN print out the drawing for personal use.
III. You CANNOT re-sell my image whether it be the original, prints or online. You CANNOT do so.
IX. Do not use my drawing in a campaign or in a way that you can make profit from it UNLESS we have discussed this and you have paid EXTRA for the rights.
V. If you want an A4 glossy print of the commission just ask me, they cost $5 (without shipping costs).

7. Front end payment only.


Generally, Hentai starts at below-the-belt-nudity. As Hentai cannot be posted to DeviantART. In which case you'll only be provided the full resolution image, and the commission will be posted elsewhere. If you wish for a private commission (no one else can see it but you) then you must pay an extra $10. I will draw most fetishes except for scat. And under NO circumstances will I draw a minor or 'loli' doing sexual acts. It is illegal and against deviantART's policies.


The easiest way to contact me would be by sending me a note on DeviantART or e-mail me at

Don't forget to provide references, this is how I will decide whether or not I would like to take the commission. Keep in mind, I do not speak any language other than English. So if you speak Japanese, Spanish, French, l33t, any other language other than English please use a translator before contacting me.


Commissions will always have priority. Whether it be an art trade or a gift, the paid commissions will come first. For commissions, it does not matter if you pay me $2 or $200 I will not move your place in the line. First come, first serve. I may however work on other ones whilst yours is also being worked on. However, I will try my best to do the drawing in time. Generally it'll take me anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months to finish a drawing. So depending on how long my to do list is you may have to wait a while. Keep this in mind.


1. PayPal (when ordering I will send you a note with my PayPal e-mail)
2. dA points $1 = 100 points


Commission Sheet by Rhuni

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apollydopts Oct 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
How much are blinking icons?
Rhuni Oct 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Pardon? I don't do blinking icons? I never have.
apollydopts Oct 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, your signature says your current icon was made by you, and to note you if we want one.
Rhuni Oct 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh sorry, that hasn't been updated for a very long time. It was for pantie icons xD
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